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BIO Agustin Armendariz

Born in Parral, Chihuahua him, his parents ,10 brothers and sisters emigrated from Mexico to United States. They first moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1960. Then in 1967 to Firebaugh, Ca. In 1969 they settled in Turlock, Ca. He graduated from Turlock High School in 1971.
Mr. Armendariz worked for the City of Turlock in the water department for a few years until he decided to leave to help his father run the family businesses. They consisted of 2 restaurants one with a bakery and a tortilla shop, Kikiís in Turlock, Ca. He helped out for several years. He was well known by everyone in town along with his brother and sisters. When he had the opportunity to be self-employed, he went for it. He opened his own business from 1993-1995 which was Gutiís Market in Waterford, Ca where they sold hot food for the field workers. From burritos to carnitas and chicharrones (pork skin). That was one of Mr. Armendariz passion making carnitas with his copper big pan for family parties too. He then opened a bar in Riverbank, named Evaís bar in honor of his wife. He was running both businesses at the same time. At some point business was very slow that he had to close down both the bar and market. By this time his parents had passed and also the families businessí were closed down. He worked at Circle K in Turlock and as a security guard for several years.
Until he was a delivery guy for an appliance business in town. He worked for them until he got fired for trying to do something for a customer that he wasnít supposed to. He always liked going the extra mile. Well after he got fired he opened up his own little shop in Denair. Where his son in law partnered with him. After being in business for a year he meets Tony Hammondís who offered him his business. Mr. Armendariz accepted and bought it out and he ran Tonyís Appliance in Ceres while his son in law ran the one in Denair. Eventually he inherited the business to his son in law. Agustin Armendariz is the current owner of Tonyís Appliance. He bought out the business from Tony Hammond in 2006. Tony Hammonds first opened the business in 1991.
He got sick in November 2011 where he needed open heart surgery and 1 year of rest. This is where his daughter Ivette began to run the business for him until he recovered. Previously his sister Frosty and brother Lorenzo helped him out for a few years. When he returned back to work he came back stronger than ever not taking care of himself as much as he needed to. In July 2014 he had a stroke that took his passion away. He no longer can walk so heís home, well taken care of by his daughter Ivette and wife Eva. His daughter had to run the business full time now, with his brother in law, since he is home. Everyone has faith that one day he will be able to return. Dozens of people recall him as a good man. Too nice, always going the extra mile even if he wasnít going to profit from it. He is missed every day! Especially when people want to be assisted by him or call and ask for him. Tonyís Appliance is up and running as long as it can!
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